Modular skids

GPE modularizes complex process plants by dividing them into skid assemblies using latest process simulation and 3D modelling software. These individual skids are pre-assembled according to project requirements and completely tested by a comprehensive Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and then transported to the project site. ‘Plug and Play’ nature of these skids allows our customers to quickly install and commission them.
Deployment of robust project management and progress tracking system enables GPE to custom deliver these plants in record time. Tie-up with process experts from Europe and USA gives GPE a clear competitive edge.
Process equipment fabrication is GPE’s core competency and our shop is certified by ASME. Our procurement team can help source bought out components complying to vendor lists of almost all leading engineering consultants, process licensors and endusers. Deployment of ERP modules on SAP B1 platform enables GPE to offer complete material traceability, on time project delivery, control on engineering changes and online QAC documentation.
Strict compliance with our integrated management system covering ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 helps us ensure consistency and superior product quality.
We offer a complete range of customized options for design and supply of modularized process plants. Customers can choose from our product and service offerings based on their scope of work, technical specifications, delivery timelines, outsourcing policies and enduser guidelines.

Modularization offers several benefits over conventional site execution such as reduction in project costs and timelines, enhanced project management, streamlined erection and commissioning activities, better stage-wise inspection and comprehensive factory acceptance testing (FAT) of skid packages.

- Changeover skid with 29 actuated valves
- 6.0 m (L) X 2.2 m (W) X 2.0 m (H), 3.5 Ton (Wt)

Hydrogen PSA skid

- KO Drum with valves & instruments for H2 at 60 bar
- 2.5 m (L) X 2.2 m (w) X 3.2 m (H), 4 Ton (Wt)

Separator skid

- API 610 hydrocarbon pumps
- 4.5 m (L) X 2.5 m (W) X 3.0 m (H), 6 Ton (Wt)

API pump skid

- Skid mounted jet fuel treator
- 6.8 m (L) X 2.5 m (W) X 5.0 m (H), 15 Ton (Wt)

Clay treater skid

- 2 Stage H2 compressor for refinery application
- 8.0 m (L) X 2.2 m (w) 3.3 m (H), 15 Ton (Wt)

Diaphragm compressor skid

- Duplex particulate filters with actuated valves
- 3.0 m (L) X 2.5 m (W) X 2.0 m (H), 2 Ton (Wt)

Ethylene filter skid

- TEMA R, BKU kerosene reboiler for distillation plant
- 5.3 m (L) X 3.3 m (W) X 3.2 m (H), 12 Ton (Wt)

Heat exchanger skid

- 2.2 MW electric heater for heating Dowtherm A
- 8.0 m (L) X 3.6 m (W) X 5.4 m (H), 30 Ton (Wt)

Hot oil skid

- Sour Water Duplex Prefilter with Coalescer Vessel
- 11 m (L) X 3.7 m (W) X 5.15 m (H), 30 Ton (Wt).

Sour water filter coalescer skid