Gas processing

GPE designs and supplies gas cleaning, purification and conditioning systems which meet stringent process requirements of stream dew point, product purity, dust and oil carry over, super heat temperature, pressure reduction and flow control. From small skid mounted gas conditioning units to very large coke oven gas cleaning and hydrogen generation plants, GPE provides fully customized solutions which adhere to customers’ cost and time expectations.

Gas conditioning skids

We offer skid mounted gas conditioning units for upgrading quality of fuel gases used in turbines and gas engines. These packages are designed for natural gas, coal bed methane, coke oven gas or blast furnace gas. The packages are capable of:
  1. Removal of particulate matter up to 1 micron
  2. Removal of all free liquids at turbine or gas engine inlet even with variation in inlet pressure and temperature
  3. Water dew point depression

Coke oven gas cleaning plants

GPE in association with Carbotech Gas Systems GmbH, Germany offers cokeoven gas (COG) desulphurization and hydrogen generation plants which are required as utilities for continuous annealing lines in steel plants. These plants are used for removal of tar, naphthalene, ammonia and hydrogen sulphide from COG. The feed gas is first fed into a caustic wash tower, where bulk hydrogen sulphide is chemically converted using caustic soda. The gas then passes through adsorbent beds for tar and naphthalene removal. The balance hydrogen sulphide is removed upto 5 ppm by chemisorption process. Part of the cleaned gas is compressed and fed to a PSA unit to produce 99.99% pure hydrogen.

PSA units

We work with Carbotech Gas Systems GmbH, Germany to provide PSA plants for extraction of hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and methane from various feed sources, for a wide range of flow rates and product purities. Optional process design and execution supervision by the German team. Various Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) / Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA) processes are offered for gas separation and purification of
  1. Nitrogen
  2. Hydrogen
  3. Methane
  4. Carbon Dioxide