Gas Processing Equipment Pvt Ltd (GPE) is a trusted name in engineering and supply of process plants, skid packages and equipment. GPE specialises in offering custom designed skid mounted units and is approved by Engineers India Ltd. and other leading global engineering consultants.
With its integrated office and plant located in western India’s manufacturing hub of Pune, GPE has ready access to job processing centers, ancillary service providers, engineering talent and supplier base. It caters to diverse sectors such as Upstream Oil & Gas, Refineries, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Steel, Defence, and Renewable Energy.

With a dedicated team of engineers, latest simulation, solid modeling software, mechanical and thermal sizing software, GPE provides complete solutions to its customers across the globe.

Modularization of kerosene distillation plant

Project: Modularization of kerosene distillation plant
GPE has successfully executed the contract for engineering, procurement, manufacturing and supply of a Kerosene Distillation Plant for a GCC based end user. We worked closely with our customer and process designer KLM Technology Group from Houston to modularize this complex multilevel distillation plant in record time. The system was divided into 6 skids with the largest being 8m in length, 3.8m in width and 5m in height. There were four process skids, two utility skids and a distillation tower.
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video on skid mounted process dehydration units

Project: Skid mounted process dehydration units
GPE specialises in engineering, fabrication, assembly and commissioning of large and complex process dryers. This video shows various stages involved in the making of a dryer package. The time and labour intensive stage of skid assembly has been captured through timelapse photography.

video on Skid mounted hydrogen-rich off-gas purification units

Project: Skid mounted hydrogen-rich off-gas purification units
Refineries are focusing on their hydrogen management and GPE helps by designing and suppling off-gas purification systems which meet these stringent international requirements. This video shows the working of a molecular sieve based hydrogen-rich off-gas purification unit followed by a timelapse of fabrication, assembly, and factory testing processes.

Dehydration and Treating

GPE specialises in offering custom designed, skid mounted units for dehydration & treating of hydrocarbons as well as other gases and liquids. Using temperature swing and sacrificial adsorption, these units meet the dew point requirements of most refinery, petrochemical and oil & gas applications. Approved by global engineering consultants and process licensors, GPE supplies packages to India, South East Asia, Central Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe and North America.

Dehydration Treating Air Dryer

GPE started its journey by supplying air dryers to the Indian market. It introduced large heat of compression (HOC) dryers in Indian refineries while designing and supplying a prototype HOC dryer to Atlas Copco, Belgium. GPE focuses on large, full specification air dryers.

Dehydration Treating Process Dryer

GPE supplies gas & liquid dryers and treaters for almost all process fluids using both temperature swing and pressure swing adsorption, sometimes followed by sacrificial adsorbent beds. Regeneration is with nitrogen, dry product gas or any other dry gas.

Separation and Purification

GPE in association with Schmack Carbotech GmbH, Germany, engineers and deliver gas plants and skids which separate, clean and purify some of the dirtiest gases. Stringent product gas specifications are achieved using both wet and dry processes such as caustic wash, pressure swing adsorption, chemisorption, filtration, and separation. Bulk removal, as well as fine separation with optimized recoveries, are ensured through proper selection and combination of processes. Applications include a wide variety of sectors such as steel, biogas and general industry.

Separation Purification PSA Plants

GPE designs and supplies PSA plants for extraction of hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and methane from various feed sources, for a wide range of flow rates and product purities. Optional process design and execution supervision by Schmack Carbotech are offered.

Separation Purification Combined Plants

Cokeoven gas desulphurization & hydrogen generation is required as utilities for continuous annealing lines of integrated steel plants. Combined plants with caustic wash, adsorption by activated carbon, gas boosting, chemisorption & pressure swing adsorption are provided.

Separation Purification Carbon Adsorption VOC

Use of specialized activated carbon sourced from Europe & USA, is used in extremely critical applications such as removal of volatile organic compounds, toxic gases, organic odor creators and hazardous inorganic pollutants from gas streams.

Cleaning and Conditioning

GPE cleans gases and liquids using a combination of particulate filters, coalescers, basket strainers, demister pad, vane & multi-cyclone separators. GPE also specialises in fuel gas conditioning units for gas turbines and engines of pipeline compressors, providing multi-stage cleaning, superheat and acid gas removal by specially designed regenerative molecular sieve units. Skid mounted modular units ensure minimum site work and reduced commissioning time.

Cleaning Conditioning Separators

Gas separators of various types using demister pads, vanes and multi-cyclones are offered. These separators are a part of the dryer and other process packages. Stand-alone separators are designed and supplied to remote gas fields in Central Asia.

Cleaning Conditioning Filters

GPE is approved by Engineers India Ltd. and other leading global engineering consultants to supply cartridge filter packages for coalescing and particulate applications. Cartridges are sourced from leading US based companies such as Pall Corporation, Jonell Inc, Van Gas Technologies.

Cleaning Conditioning Gas Conditioning Skids

GPE’s skid mounted gas conditioning units ensure the quality of inlet fuel gases used in gas turbines and engines. These packages are generally used for natural gas and coal bed methane. They can also be designed for low calorific gases like coke oven gas and blast furnace gas.

Heat Exchanger

GPE designs and fabricates various types of shell & tube heat exchangers for gas and liquid applications, and our solutions surpass other OEMs in performance, maintenance, and economy. For the process design, we have our own licensed simulation software (WINSIM) and for the thermal design, we use HTRI design software. The mechanical calculation is performed by licensed pVELITE. We have handled various gases, liquid and mixed-phase applications for industries like chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas, fertilizer, and steel.

We have built hundreds of custom-designed heat exchangers which have been supplied to leading national and international end-users.

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