GPE supplies custom designed, skid mounted dehydration packages for hydrocarbons as well as other gases and liquids. We meet stringent dew point requirements of refinery, petrochemical, oil & gas applications and are approved by EIL and other leading engineering consultants across the world. GPE’s dryers are presently operating in India, USA, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Egypt and Kuwait. Dryer packages are of modular construction complete with adsorber vessels, pre and after filters, regeneration electric or gas fired heater, water or air cooled regeneration cooler, heater thyristor control panel and PLC system for either safe or hazardous area (ATEX/NEC).

Air dryers

We offer fully customized, spec built air dryers at competitive prices. With flow rates ranging from 250 Nm3/hr to 20000 Nm3/hr, these units are either fully or partially skid mounted depending on the size. The following types of air dryers are offered as standard:
  1. Heat of Compression – Full Flow
  2. Heat of Compression – Split Flow
  3. Split Flow No Loss
  4. Blower Reactivated
  5. Heat Less

Process dryers

GPE supplies gas / liquid dryers for a wide range of process fluids. Outlet moisture levels of lower than 1 ppm can be achieved by TSA process wherein bed design is critical. We work with the leading adsorbent suppliers of the world and ensure that there is no compromise in performance. Regeneration processes are as follows:
  1. Wet gas
  2. Dry gas using external compressor
  3. Dry gas using positive displacement blower
  4. Dry gas / wet gas from side stream
  5. Once through nitrogen with low dew point
  6. Closed loop nitrogen with fresh nitrogen top up
We also supply natural gas sweetening packages.