GPE specialises in offering custom designed, skid mounted units for dehydration & treating of hydrocarbons as well as other gases and liquids. Using temperature swing and sacrifical adsorption, these units meet the dew point requirements of most refinery, petrochemical and oil & gas applications.

Approved by global engineering consultants and process licensors, GPE supplies packages to India, South East Asia, Central Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe and North America.

Dehydration and Treating
Air Dryers

Air Dryers

GPE started its journey by supplying air dryers in the Indian market. It introduced large heat of compression (HOC) dryers in Indian refineries while designing and supplying a prototype HOC dryer to Atlas Copco, Belgium. GPE focuses on large, full specification air dryers.

Dehydration Treating Process Dryers

Process Dryers

GPE supplies gas & liquid dryers and treaters for almost all process fluids using both temperature swing and pressure swing adsorption, sometimes followed by sacrificial adsorbent beds. Regeneration is with nitrogen, dry product gas or any other dry gas.