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GPE in association with Schmack Carbotech GmbH, Germany engineer and delivers gas plants and skids which separate, clean and purify some of the dirtiest gases. Stringent product gas specifications are achieved using both wet and dry processes such as caustic wash, pressure swing adsorption, chemisorption, filtration, and separation.

Bulk removal, as well as fine separation with optimized recoveries, are ensured due to proper selection and combination of processes. Application in a wide variety of sectors such as steel, biogas and general industry.

Separation and Purification

PSA Plants

PSA Plants

GPE designs and supplies PSA plants for extraction of hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and methane from various feed sources, for a wide range of flow rates and product purities. Optional process design and execution supervision by Schmack Carbotech.

Combined Plants

Combined Plants

Cokeoven gas desulphurization & hydrogen generation is required as utilities for continuous annealing lines of integrated steel plants. Combined plants with caustic wash, adsorption by activated carbon, gas boosting, chemisorption & pressure swing adsorption are provided.

Separation Purification Carbon Adsorption and VOC

Carbon Adsorption & VOC

Use of specialized activated carbon sourced from Europe & USA, in extremely critical applications such as removal of volatile organic compounds, toxic gases, organic odor creators and hazardous inorganic pollutants from gas streams.