GPE is a critical pressure vessel supplier for upstream oil & gas, refineries, chemical, petrochemical and fertilizer plants. We are approved by leading engineering consultants, end users, OEMs and are ASME U Stamp certified. Our installations include USA, Egypt, Kuwait, Thailand and Uzbekistan. In India, our pressure vessels are installed in IOCL, MRPL, BPCL, HPCL, Tata Steel, BORL and OMPL. We supply the following types of pressure vessels:

  • Storage vessels
  • Pulsation dampeners
  • Columns
  • Reactors

We have designed and supplied pressure vessels for various services including hydrogen, wet hydrogen sulphide with design temperatures of upto 450˚ C and design pressures upto 300 Bar g. Our shop is qualified to handle vessel thicknesses upto 75mm.

Our in-house engineering team optimizes vessel thickness based on factors such as service fluid, design temperature, MAWP, wind and seismic loading, nozzle loading, cyclic loading, stress analysis and other applicable parameters specified in the design code and customer specifications.

GPE is capable of providing cost effective solutions with quick turn-around times, complete material tractability and adherence with project specifications.  We work with several MNC OEMs for pressure vessel supply to the oil & gas sector. Material sourcing and stagewise QC checks are controlled through our customized SAP B1 platform..