In line with the latest trends in the process industry, GPE manages the day-to-day operation and maintenance activities incorporating the highest levels of involvement and commitment to the customer’s plant. We depute a residential team (mechanical, electrical & instrumentation engineers and technicians) to operate and maintain the process plants engineered and built by us. All core services of operations support, technical expertise and solutions, local / remote monitoring & diagnostics, complete maintenance planning & execution, and inventory management are seamlessly integrated into the routine operations on a daily basis. This is our most comprehensive and complex approach to service, keeping in mind the reliability and availability of the plant.

Our team also takes complete responsibility during major shutdowns with necessary pre-planning to ensure that all timelines are adhered and necessary maintenance activities are completed. We also offer up-gradation/ revamping services to enhance the output of process plants, during these annual shutdowns. The procurement is generally handled by the customer and GPE handles logistics and coordination.


  • 24 X 7 Operations through field engineers
  • Local and remote monitoring
  • Data logging and daily reporting
  • Development of standard operating procedures
  • Work permit management
  • Diagnostics through technical experts
  • Routine maintenance
  • Condition based maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Planned maintenance during major shutdowns
  • Unplanned maintenance activities
  • Spare parts planning and inventory management
  • KAIZEN initiatives in collaboration with the customer
  • Environment, health and safety initiatives
  • Management of consumables and desiccants. Filling of desiccants as per loading diagrams and nitrogen purging, Removal of desiccants using vacuum system and disposal.
  • Manning the DCS or PLC Panels and UTILITY SCADA
  • Troubleshooting and logic modifications
  • Brownfield activities such as pipeline modification, capacity augmentation, installing new prime movers or VFDs
  • Internal cleaning of pipelines, vessels, and heat exchangers

Present O&M Contracts

Customer Location Gases Handled No. of Skilled Personnel Plant age
Jamshedpur Continuous Annealing & Processing Company Pvt. Ltd. Jamshedpur, India Coke oven gas and Hydrogen 28 15 Years
Tata Steel Ltd. Jamshedpur, India Coke oven gas and Hydrogen 27 1 Year