GPE cleans gases and liquids using a combination of particulate filters, coalescers, basket stainers, demister pad, vane & multi-cyclone separators. GPE also specialises in fuel gas conditioning units for gas turbines and engines of pipeline compressors, providing multi-stage cleaning, superheat and acid gas removal by specially designed regenerative molecular sieve units. Skid mounted modular units ensure minimum site work and reduced commissioning time.

cleaning conditioning
Cleaning Conditioning - Separators


Gas separators of various types using demister pads, vanes and multi-cyclones are offered. These separators are a part of the dryer and other process packages. Stand-alone separators are designed and supplied to remote gas fields in Central Asia.



GPE is approved by Engineers India and other leading global engineering consultants to supply cartridge filter packages for coalescing and particulate applications. Cartridges are sourced from leading US based companies such as Pall, Jonell, and Vangastech.

Cleaning Conditioning - Gas Conditioning Skids

Gas Conditioning Skids

GPE’s skid mounted gas conditioning units ensure the quality of inlet fuel gases used in gas turbines and engines. These packages are generally used for natural gas and coal bed methane. They can also be designed for low calorific gases like coke oven gas and blast furnace gas.