GPEPRO – Process & Resource Optimization

GPEPRO – Process & Resource Optimization

GPE has developed a fully customized ERP system based on the SAP B1 platform. It has been named GPEPRO which is an acronym for Gas Processing Equipment – Process and Resource Optimization. GPEPRO was rolled out across Marketing, Project Management, Engineering, Procurement, Production Planning & Control, Quality Control, Stores & Dispatch and Finance & Accounts departments on 1st of April 2021. This has greatly improved all round process compliance and productivity.

The Go-Live date was a challenge considering the prevailing pandemic situation, however, dedication and perseverance of the implementation task force ensured that actual go-live was achieved with just three months’ delay. Human Resources, Administration and Commissioning departments will be included in GPEPRO soon. Software for smart P&IDs will be deployed and existing 3D Modelling databases upgraded to ensure more automation for bill of material entries. Processes which have not been covered will also be included as part of the next two years’ road-map. Besides, we will give a special emphasis on MIS reports which can be completely customized as all critical data will already be available in the system.

Key Benefits of GPEPRO:

  • Complete Material Traceability
  • Better Inventory Management
  • On time Project Deliveries
  • Enhanced Shop floor Productivity
  • More control on Engineering Changes
  • Online QAC Documentation
  • Visibility of Sales Funnel
  • Reduced Procurement Budgets
  • Improved Cashflow Management
  • Accurate Costing and Estimation
  • Total Process Compliance

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GPEPRO – Process & Resource Optimization

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